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L A  G A L I A N A

To us, La Galiana is a dream come alive. We fell in love with this Manor house from 1810. All of our dedication, love, experience and enthusiasm flow into this place. The privacy and tranquility here, are an amazing setting and the perfect ingredients for an easy stay far away from crowds.


Here you will encounter a warm feel with a sophisticated blend of contemporary and vintage materials. With a garden to enjoy the summer sun and vases filled with flowers, warming fires in winter and works of art adorning the walls, the atmosphere of La Galiana is magnetic, relaxing and cozy. Dijon and Besançon with their TGV-stations are 45 minutes away from us.


Y O U R  H O S T S


Due to the fact that we are sensualist we love to live the French Lifestyle: of sitting around a long table with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of life together, good conversations, cheese, wine, fruits and veggies all seasoned with laughter and harmony. We revel in meeting people from all over the world and adore receiving guests. Life treats us well and we would like to share this with the people around us. Tailor-made services and experiences with lots of creativity make your dreams come true. We offer authenticity, simplicity, and high quality. La Galiana has a fresh take on old charm.


He is a relaxed person who does everything with joy. His humor and his gentleness are the ingredients of an affectionate host. His numerous hobbies comprise his keyboard and motorcycle, handicraft and culture. As a computer scientist and CEO, he has achieved a rich career in Zurich. During his many travels he developed his sensorium for genuine hospitality.


For many years she nourished this dream of a meeting place. Finally, she realizes it here to the fullest and furthermore she will make you happy with good food and selected wines. her inspiration has always been nature, travels, cooking, design, art and culture in general. She has never been a believer in trends, instead she relies on sophisticated timelessness.

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